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Nike offers a six-month rubber Outsole Durability Guarantee on several performance tennis shoe styles. The style numbers below, in parentheses, can be found on the labels inside of the shoes. Current styles with this guarantee include:

  • Zoom Cage 2 (705247, 705260)
  • Zoom Cage 3 (918193, 918199)
  • Lunar Ballistec 1.5 (705285)

Note: This guarantee is valid for one replacement pair per purchase. To qualify for this 6-month rubber outsole durability guarantee, the outsole must be completely worn through, exposing the upper of the shoe, within six months of purchase.

Each eligible tennis shoe sold in the US is packaged with a card explaining the details of this guarantee. If the shoes have a material or workmanship flaw and do not meet the criteria for the Outsole Durability Guarantee, you may still be able to set up a claim. Please visit

If you're not sure whether your shoes are eligible for this guarantee, or if you have any additional questions about our claims process, please give us a call.

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