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When adding select high-demand Nike launch products to your cart on, you may receive a message stating "It's not in your cart yet" and "Waiting for your turn".

You're in line for a chance buy the product below We've saved you a spot in line

Nike places shoppers in line to ensure a fair and smooth checkout process for everyone. This process is similar to lining up outside a store on the day of a launch.

"Waiting for your turn" means you're in line for a chance to buy the product, but it doesn't guarantee availability. To keep your place in line, leave your browser window open and don't refresh. If you're using a mobile phone, avoid answering calls, switching to other mobile apps or letting your phone enter a locked state while you're in line. Wait times can vary based on order volume and product availability.

If the product becomes available while you're in line, it will be added to your cart and reserved for a brief period of time. We recommend immediately checking out and completing your purchase so you don't miss your opportunity to purchase. If the product sells out while you're in line, you'll receive an out-of-stock message.

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