Many Nike launch products sell out quickly. Review the following Nike launch tips to help you learn about upcoming launches and quickly place your order.

Nike believes in a level playing field for product launches. We don't authorize the use of automation or scripting methods intended to offer any shopper an unfair advantage. If it's determined that an order was placed using one of the these methods, Nike may refuse or cancel the order. To learn more, please see the Terms of Use, governing the use of, Nike mobile applications and other Nike products and services.


Log in to Twitter, go to and follow to receive release announcements, updates, product information and links for many launch products.

  • Set up automatic Twitter notifications on your mobile phone (see the Twitter tutorial for instructions).
  • If you don't want to sign up for Twitter, bookmark and view the @nikestore feed without following. You must have a Twitter account to set up SMS notifications on your mobile phone and to tweet @nikestore with any questions.


  • Bookmark the launch calendar, which includes pictures, detailed product information and more.
  • Most launch products are available at 10 am ET on the launch date. Confirm the launch time for each product.
  • Join Nike+ for free to stay updated on the newest Nike products, styles and technology (and receive free shipping on every order).
  •, the SNKRS app, and Nike stores may conduct a drawing to manage select high-heat product launches. Please review Nike+ drawings for launches for the process and rules, and review Nike+ mobile phone number verification to authenticate your Nike+ account.


  • Save your payment, billing and shipping information (see these instructions).
  • Become familiar with the site to quickly select your size and submit an order.
  • Clear cache and cookies on your browser.
  • Sign in to Nike+ before the scheduled launch time.
  • Follow @nikestore on Twitter before the scheduled launch time. For certain products, @nikestore will tweet a link to the product page.


Follow @nikestore on Twitter and click the link tweeted on or before the launch time. Below are additional steps:

  • If the link is not tweeted, see the new releases page.
  • If the product page has a countdown clock, it'll be available when the countdown clock hits zero. You don't need to refresh your browser.
  • If you see a "Quick Verification" screen after adding a product to your cart, answer the verification questions and proceed to checkout. Learn more about launch product verification.
  • If you see a message stating "It's not in your cart yet" after adding to cart, you're in line for the chance to purchase the product. Don't refresh the page. Learn more about "Waiting for your turn".

Products added to cart are reserved for a brief period of time to allow you to complete the order. Complete your order right away so you don’t miss your opportunity.

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