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What is Nike Zoom?

Nike Zoom shoes feature thin, lightweight and durable cushioning

Nike Zoom cushioning is part of the Nike Air family. Like its siblings, Nike Zoom is lightweight and durable. Because Nike Zoom cushioning is incredibly thin, it brings the foot closer to the ground and enhances stability, especially during quick cuts and multi-directional movements.

After impact, the tightly stretched fibers inside the pressurized air unit quickly bounce back into shape, providing a super responsive feel and improved awareness of the surface you’re playing on.

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  • Lightweight: With Nike Air cushioning, the weight of the shoe is reduced but performance is not sacrificed. This is important because the lighter the shoe, the less energy athletes must expend.
  • Versatile: Athletes in different sports require diverse performance characteristics. Nike Air cushioning can be tuned to meet the exact specifications of athletic performance.
  • Cushioning: As the foot strikes the ground, Nike Air cushioning absorbs the impact forces and protects muscles, joints and tendons. The Nike Air cushioning will immediately return to its original shape, ready to protect the body against the next impact force. As a result, the athlete can protect against fatigue and stress.
  • Durable: Durability is pivotal because athletes need cushioning to last in their shoes. Nike Air cushioning provides constant cushioning throughout the life of the shoes.

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